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Integrity in our business practices

To maintain trust in our relationships with company stakeholders—patients, customers, shareholders, suppliers and other business partners, and members of the civil society—in which Sanofi operates

Respecting free competition
Respecting free competition
Sanofi supports a competitive marketplace, respecting and adhering to fair competition and trade practice laws.
Respecting free competition

Competition and antitrust issues may arise from contacts between Sanofi and its competitors, suppliers or customers. All employees must comply with competition and antitrust laws and refrain from all unfair behaviour towards competitors. Anti-competitive behaviours may include:

  • Entering into agreements, including informal understandings, with competitors for price fixing, bid rigging, market allocation and agreements to restrict supply.
  • Exchanging competitively sensitive information with competitors.
  • Abusing a potential position of market dominance.
  • Imposing restrictions on customers or suppliers.
  • Entering into certain mergers and acquisitions.