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Integrity in our business practices

To maintain trust in our relationships with company stakeholders—patients, customers, shareholders, suppliers and other business partners, and members of the civil society—in which Sanofi operates

Participating in public life
Participating in public life
Sanofi operates with transparency, honesty and integrity when participating in public life.
Participating in public life

Sanofi operates with transparency, honesty and integrity when participating in public life. No employee or representative of Sanofi may act or speak on public matters as a representative of the company without authorization. Sanofi employees may engage in public life independently as long as their participation is clearly a personal endeavor with no connection to Sanofi.

As a corporate citizen, Sanofi is involved in the public life of the countries and regions where it operates. This may include engaging in discussions on matters of public interest, participating in the development of public policy, and making donations or financial contributions to public organizations to convey support of the organizations’ missions.

In each of these efforts, we always seek to make a positive contribution to public life and never conceal our activities. We always act in accordance with applicable laws.

We welcome the participation of our employees in public life in their personal capacities. To avoid misunderstanding, employees must make clear that they are participating as a personal endeavor, not on behalf of Sanofi.

Only authorized employees may speak for the company in public. No Sanofi employee or representative has authority to commit the company to support a political party, politician, or electoral candidate in any way, or to use an association with Sanofi in political activities. In the United States, Federal law authorizes the creation of corporate Political Action Committees (PACs), which may contribute to candidates for federal and some state elections. PACs are registered with the Federal Election Commission and/or state agencies as required by law. Sanofi has established the Sanofi US Services Inc. Employees’ PAC as well as a state PAC in Massachusetts, the Sanofi Massachusetts Political Action Committee, each of which receives contributions from eligible individuals and makes contributions to support federal and state candidates who support public policies that incentivize research, ensure patient access to medicines, and reward innovation.