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Julien Durand
Message from the Chief Ethics & Business Integrity Officer
As a health journey partner, our commitment to acting with integrity is essential to guarantee the trust of the people we serve.
Julien Durand

Because we aim to act as a health journey partner, it is crucial for us, as Sanofi employees, to act with integrity in any situation we may face. Adopting the right behaviors is our commitment to society. Today more than ever, building sustainable trust with people is essential to the success and the competitiveness of our company.

This document, our Code of Ethics, covers the domains which are essential to our culture of Integrity. It gives practical guidance on how to behave as a Sanofi employee when interacting with any kind of stakeholders.

Ethical decision making is not always an easy path. It requires the use of one’s judgement to evaluate situations and associated risks. Doing the right thing at the right time and for the right reason requires balance, fairness and courage.

Beyond this code, the Ethics & Business Integrity organization has designed programs that provide, among others, on-line trainings, as well as, dedicated intranet site gathering key information aiming at instilling a culture of Integrity at all levels of the organization.

I encourage everyone to engage with the Ethics and Business integrity team to seek for advice and support.