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Integrity in our business practices

To maintain trust in our relationships with company stakeholders—patients, customers, shareholders, suppliers and other business partners, and members of the civil society—in which Sanofi operates

Interacting with patients
Interacting with patients
Sanofi is committed to enhancing appropriate interactions with patients and patient groups.
Interacting with patients

As a health journey partner, and in order to understand how individuals live with a disease and what they expect from healthcare providers, Sanofi is committed to enhancing appropriate interactions with patients and patient groups by exchanging ideas, building trustful relationships, ensuring their inputs matter, and developing better solutions.

At Sanofi we foster interactions with patients and patients groups all along the product life i.e. from clinical trials to the use of the product by the patient in his/her daily life. Sanofi is committed to ensuring that all these interactions are respectful of high ethical standards and compliant with applicable laws and industry guidelines.

Sanofi makes sure that the rights and health of human research participants and patients, and the integrity of Sanofi scientific and medical activities, are protected. Relating to clinical trials, Sanofi recruits patients and healthy subjects all over the globe. In the frame of these clinical trials Sanofi:

  • may involve patients in the review of study documents such as Informed Consent Forms and Protocols, or in providing advice to better address their needs.
  • makes sure that processes are designed so that patients enrolled in clinical trials give their free and informed consent based on clear, complete information that is expressed in an understandable and non-technical style.

Also, Sanofi believes that making clinical trial information available to the public benefits patients, healthcare providers, and the scientific community. As such, Sanofi is committed to publicly disclosing information on clinical trials and results on an ongoing manner.

Beyond clinical trials, Sanofi supports:

  • interactions with patients and patients associations to better understand the impact of the product on the patient’s quality of life and capture potential needs for improvement. Outcomes may be integrated in the development of future healthcare solutions.
  • the connection among patients in order for them to share their experience with their health conditions.