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Integrity in our business practices

To maintain trust in our relationships with company stakeholders—patients, customers, shareholders, suppliers and other business partners, and members of the civil society—in which Sanofi operates

Being transparent  about our products
Being transparent about our products
We aim at providing relevant, clear and accessible information to ensure the proper use of our products.
Being transparent  about our products

Sanofi communicates transparently about its products and ensures that information about the efficacy and safety of its products is continuously monitored and updated throughout their lifecycle.

We are keen to account for—and even anticipate—patient expectations. We aim at providing relevant, clear and accessible information to ensure the proper use of our products.

Sanofi is committed to:
  • Releasing to healthcare professionals and patients all known information about the benefits and potential risks of the investigated product, before launching a new clinical trial. We closely monitor product safety during clinical trials according to applicable regulations and good clinical practice, and we provide healthcare professionals with any relevant new information or signals during the study.
  • Ensuring proper use of a product from its launch to the end of its lifecycle by making every effort to provide a patient information leaflet that is as clear and readable as possible for the patient.
  • Making sure all Sanofi employees, Sanofi representatives and third parties report any adverse event and other pharmacovigilance data that they become aware of within one business day to the Pharmacovigilance Department, regardless of whether they consider it related to the Sanofi product. We encourage patients to inform the Sanofi Pharmacovigilance Department of their country and doctor or pharmacist if they experience any side effect.
  • Providing scientific information that is not false or misleading, and that does not overestimate the real benefits of the product and its place in managing the disease. We do not limit information to what is favorable to the product. We provide appropriate and easily legible information appraising the risks and benefits of the product. We substantiate any scientific data, claim or comparison mentioned in all of our material.
  • Promoting registered or marketed products strictly in compliance with the marketing authorization or reference document. We do not promote nonregistered products or nonapproved indications of registered products.